We Perform Complete Vehicle Inspections

Are you preparing to take a long drive? Do you have a used vehicle in mind to buy? Has it simply been a while since you’ve had a maintenance check on your vehicle? Ken Van Damme’s Automotive has a 31-point inspection that carefully covers your vehicle from wipers to struts. Our experienced, ASE Certified technicians thoroughly examine each detail of your vehicle and offer a written inspection report of what we find. When you need a vehicle inspection that drivers trust, we deliver accurate car computer diagnostic testing and a full report on the condition of the car or truck.

Each of our technicians genuinely cares about our customers’ safety. As your neighbors, we want to see you driving, not broken down. That is why we are thorough, honest, and upfront with our vehicle inspections. If you are about to buy a used car, our used car inspection will help you determine whether the vehicle is a good purchase. We let you know about any work that the car already needed as well as what parts that may be getting worn, possibly needing future car repair. Our pre-purchase auto appraisal allows you to know what you’re getting so you can make a purchase decision with confidence.

Don’t take that long drive until you can make it a long, relaxed drive. Our comprehensive vehicle inspection offers the peace of mind you need to know your drive will be as safe as possible.

We Help Drivers Make Informed Auto Care Decisions.

When you bring your car or truck to us, not only will you give written documentation of the current condition of the vehicle, you also get a price estimate on any necessary repairs. The open communication our vehicle inspection technicians offer allows you to stay informed. We are happy to answer any of your questions and discuss which car repairs can wait and which are a priority. We keep you in the know so you can make the best decision based on your budget and your needs.

You can count on us to find out everything you need to know with a vehicle inspection. We go deeper than just the surface issues a car might have. We offer inspections on commercial vehicles as well as foreign and domestic cars and trucks. No matter the age, make, or model, our skilled technicians know how to inspect each aspect of each system.

In addition to an auto inspection, once you do decide to purchase a vehicle, bring it to us for ongoing maintenance checks or to our affordable tire store. All of our oil changes come with a complete inspection of your vehicle so you can stay on top of things before they become an issue.

Our 31-point vehicle inspection checklist includes:

  • Road Test
  • Instrument Controls
  • Steering
  • Transmission/Clutch
  • Fluid Levels
  • Drive Belts
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Cooling System
  • Brakes
  • U-joints/Drive Axles, CV Joints
  • Shocks/Struts
  • Timing Belt
  • Battery check
  • Lights and signals
  • And Much More

Car check-ups cost less than repair! Call us for affordable preventative maintenance today.

Don’t buy a used car or take that long drive away without having one of our technicians perform your vehicle inspection. We want you to have the information necessary to stay safe and confident on the road. Keep your car running longer with our complete inspection.