Car Computer Diagnostic

When your check engine light comes on, it could mean so many different things. Today’s vehicles may have as many as fifty microprocessors in them. That is why, when you need to take your vehicle in for a car computer diagnostic, Ken Van Damme’s Automotive is the place to go. We offer up to date, state of the art computer diagnostics. Not all auto repair shops have the ability to diagnose the most modern car computers. If a diagnostic codes is read incorrectly it could lead to needlessly spending money on unnecessary repairs. That never happens when you bring your vehicle to us!

These days car computers control everything from the fuel injections to the steering system. When there is a problem you may get a specific dashboard check engine light that indicates which system is in need of tune up. Alternately, you may only get a general check engine light that comes on. Your car’s computer will store the information but, often, only for a period of time. It is important to bring your vehicle in for check engine light diagnostics as soon as the light comes on.

Our certified car mechanics not only have the car computer diagnostic equipment to read what your car is saying, we also have the experience and skill to understand that information and accurately fix the problem. We put our 20-plus years working on check engine lights to good use.

We offer

  • Up to date diagnostic technology
  • ASE Certified Mechanics
  • AAA Approved NAPA AutoCare Center
  • Up-front pricing
  • Open communication
  • Parts and labor guarantees

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

People often ignore a check engine light if there is not something noticeably wrong with the car. That can lead to a minor problem becoming a big one. If you have any check engine light on in your vehicle bring it to us for a full and accurate car computer diagnostic check. Not only will we find out what is the exact concern in your vehicle, we will also check how your computer itself is performing.

We review the following

  • Electronic components
  • Sensors and solenoids
  • Wiring that effects the transmission and sensors

If an electronic component is the culprit, we can replace it. That is what sets us apart. We offer accurate diagnostics for problems a computer is indicating as well as faulty computer components. Other auto shops may not be able to tell if a computer is the problem. If the diagnostic code indicates a problem with the vehicle, they fix that problem without verifying the accuracy of the diagnostic code.

we’ll give you get honest information for an excellent price. For quality car computer diagnostics, you are in the very best of hands with us!

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