Get a vehicle inspection before you buy used!

There are some great reasons to get a vehicle inspection. If you’re buying a used, or pre-purchased vehicle or if your car has been sitting for a long-time or you’re about to take a long or cross-country trip, have your vehicle inspected. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to break down. Our inspections are designed to cover your entire vehicle. If you have a problem, we will find it. Thousands of local drivers trust Ken Van Damme’s Automotive for the long-haul. We’ll make sure your vehicle doesn’t let you down.

Why make us your first choice for a car inspection?

  • Our technicians are ASE-Certified. That knowledge, training, and experience make every one of our technicians qualified to inspect your vehicle with a critical eye. You don’t want to entrust your inspection to a trainee. At our auto repair shop, you won’t have to.
  • We provide you with a pre-purchase auto appraisal. This contains all the information you’ll need to make an informed choice. Our appraisals include all of our findings like what work is needed, what is worn, and repairs you’ll likely encounter in the near future.
  • Get an honest estimate for necessary repairs. Get a full estimate on necessary repairs. We can help you determine what is critical and what can wait. If you’re a DIY type our technicians will even point out any at-home repair work you can do on a used vehicle. We work for you, and we make sure our services do too.

What does our vehicle inspection checklist include?

  • A road test for real world component testing
  • Inspection of instrument controls
  • Testing of steering components/handling
  • A complete clutch/transmission inspection
  • Checking of current fluid levels/possible leaks
  • Determining drive belt wear/lifespan
  • Fuel delivery system inspection

  • Radiator/hose/cooling system inspection
  • Brake analysis including pads and rotors
  • CV joint/U-joint/Drive axle wear/seals
  • Shock and strut wear and performance
  • Timing belt wear/lifespan
  • Battery strength/charging/output
  • Electrical components including lights/signals

That’s not all our automobile inspections cover.

Call us now for a complete list. If you let our technicians know about any areas of concern, we can perform diagnostics as well. There’s nothing worse than buying a lemon or experiencing a breakdown far from home. The older the car, the less maintenance it’s had, the longer it has been sitting—the greater the chance of hidden issues. We price our inspections competitively. Finding out about issues now saves you money later. You can avoid buying a lemon and eliminate the chance of a catastrophic failure far from home.

Schedule an inspection today.

We understand that certain procedures need to get done now. An inspection is one of them. You can’t always wait, and you can’t always schedule ahead of time. Just give us a call. We’ll work our hardest to get your vehicle inspected now. That way you can get where you really want to be…back on the open road. Call now for scheduling.