Foreign Auto Repair For All Makes and Models.

Working on a large variety of different makes and models takes an experienced mechanic because not all engines are built alike. The ASE certified technicians at Ken Van Damme’s Automotive> are carefully selected for their breadth of knowledge on foreign cars. Our foreign car repair includes everything from:

    • Japanese makes such as Toyota, Lexus, and Honda
    • German vehicles like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes
  • Swedish cars – Saab, and Volvo.

Quality Foreign Automotive Care.

Difficult diagnostics that other shops can’t solve are no problem for us. Our expertise in foreign auto repair has earned us a reputation as a trusted name. So, whether you have a classic foreign vehicle or a brand new model, our repair facility has the technology to quickly diagnose the problem. From engine problems to suspension, radiator repair, brakes and much more, our technicians have your foreign auto repair solution.

We have a vast supply of parts to minimize your wait time, but if there is something your vehicle needs that we don’t have in stock, we are able to quickly get it in.

How do foreign vehicles and American vehicles differ?

All vehicles are not created equally. If they were we’d all be driving the exact same thing. Certain countries and particular manufacturers are known for producing more reliable vehicles, or sportier vehicles. That’s just the beginning though. Because every care that enters America for resale must meet American laws regarding carbon monoxide output and class specific rules regarding safety, similarities between American cars and foreign cars do exist. That’s where they end though.

Foreign versus domestic vehicle reliability.

Reliability has been one of the cornerstone issues of American car owners. Made in America hasn’t always indicated a high-quality product. From the 70’s to the 90’s when Japanese auto-manufacturers entered the U.S. marketplace to resounding success, they gained a major foothold because the quality of the product was so much higher. The gap is closing, but Japanese vehicle makers like Toyota and Honda are recognized as the most reliable cars on the road.

Foreign versus domestic vehicle handling.

Nascar was born in the United States. Rally racing was born in Europe. One requires a vehicle to turn left 1000 times. The other requires precision driving, extreme performance, and driver that is at one with their vehicle. The Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race of 1895 was the true beginning of the modern European sports car. They are constructed to extremely high tolerances and their drivers expect the best performance be it shifting, acceleration, or handling.

Foreign versus domestic vehicle price.

This depends entirely on which vehicle you are considering purchasing. Higher end vehicle manufacturers like Rolls-Royce cannot match the cost/feature ratio of Ford or Dodge. In the truck market, the difference is even more discernible. When it comes to passenger vehicles like Sedans nobody beats South Korea. Hyundai has made leaps and bounds in the American market. This is in large part due to their fantastic warranty.

Do you know what to look for when choosing a foreign repair shop?

The specialized knowledge that foreign auto repair requires can make it difficult to find qualified technicians. We understand why people love their cars! Trust our team to treat your foreign car like it was our own prized possession. From getting a routine tune up to more complicated engine repair, we ensure your foreign car, truck, van, or service vehicle gets the specific parts and service it needs.

German vehicles, for example, come with some pretty advanced engineering. Some models require less oil than Japanese cars, and parts are usually placed in different areas. Shops that don’t service Swedish cars might not have the right dealer-grade test equipment and tools to solve an issue with your Volvo.

Our technicians understand the latest manufacturer recommendations to help you stay up to date on parts that are ready for replacement. We do all our work in line with what the manufacturer specifies, so you can count on your repairs running smoothly. All work is guaranteed so you can feel confident that your ride will be comfortable and sound when you drive off into the sunset.

We offer upfront, honest estimates and always wait for your approval before beginning any work. Our technicians are happy to take the time to explain the repairs your vehicle needs. Don’t expect us to throw technical jargon at you; we will answer any of your questions in plain language you can understand. It’s our goal to make you feel comfortable in your understanding of the repair process—no surprises and no hidden fees!

Contact us today for your foreign auto repair and get your car safely back on the road.