Engine Repair

For nearly 20 years, Ken Van Damme’s Automotive has offered high-quality engine and auto repair. It pays to have years of seasoned experience in the car mechanic industry, our technicians have had the pleasure of working on nearly every make and model engine in production. Domestic and foreign engines are welcome, as are a wide range of commercial vehicles. Our stellar reputation and word-of-mouth referrals have been a large part of our engine business over our many years of service. Engine repair has to be done by someone you trust, and locals trusts our engine repair services.

Routine, preventative maintenance of your vehicle’s engine is essential for keeping it running smooth. For excellent engine repair, we invite you to stop by our shop for a no-charge, hassle-free estimate. You will always get straight and honest answers to your engine questions from your car mechanic; gimmicks and the run-around do not apply here!

Engine Repair

There are more than enough parts under the hood and in your car’s engine to confuse most car owners, which is why we encourage you to bring yours in for a free inspection. No vehicle’s engine is built bulletproof; engine parts naturally experience wear and tear over time. The key is knowing when to contact a engine repair technician before these worn parts have a chance to affect other areas of your engine.

Our ASE-certified automotive repair technicians have the experience needed to effectively identify and fix a far range of engine problems. Whether you are in need of a simple muffler repair or a major engine repair overhaul, we’re your solution. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for all things auto. Our engine repair shop is state of the art and every car mechanic here takes pride in what we do every day.

Engine Repair Diagnosis You Can Trust

While there are a myriad of things that can wrong with your car’s engine, remedying any problem starts with proper diagnosis from a car repair technician. Luckily, in most cases a few telltale symptoms will occur. Our staff has top quality diagnostic equipment on hand to test every vehicle type, no matter what year your vehicle was made.

With a quick read of a diagnostic code, your engine repair technician will have a clear idea of which area needs to be addressed. The combination of high-tech equipment and know-how of our technicians means you will never pay us to needlessly hunt around to find a problem. With pinpoint precision we diagnose your engine’s problem. This means no extra labor costs for you. It also means we can offer you an accurate quote for the cost of an engine repair, because we know exactly what the problem is and what is necessary to fix it.

To avoid engine problems, it’s best to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance with an engine repair mechanic. However, some engine problems are simply the result of parts wearing out. This just eventually happens with time. Because these problems only continue to get worse, it is important to bring your car in as soon as the engine repair light comes on or it has been a while since you have your engine reviewed during a tune-up. Your trusted engine experts here can fix your engine issues before they get out of control. We are ASE-certified, approved by AAA, and treat all of our customers like family. Do not let engine repair troubles get you down, contact us today to so you can get back safely on the road!

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