Alternator Repair

Having an alternator problem means losing the function of your vehicle’s battery as well as the electrical system. Your car may stop running mid-drive or you may not be able to get it started. When you need alternator or car repair counts on for quality service that is guaranteed, call Ken Van Damme’s Automotive. Our ASE certified technicians have the expertise to diagnose, repair, or replace your alternator. We also stand behind our work, offering parts and services guarantees, so you can feel secure that your alternator repair will last.

The alternator transforms energy created by your vehicle’s engine into the electricity that powers your battery and electrical system. It is responsible for everything from the radio to the headlights. When the alternator begins to have trouble, your electrical systems will struggle.

Signs you need alternator repair:

  • Your lights are running dim or fading
  • You see a dashboard warning light come on that says “BATT,” “ALT,” or “Gen”
  • You hear a grumbling sound coming from the engine
  • Your vehicle has a hard time starting or will not start
  • You charge the battery only to quickly lose power again
  • You have to frequently add water to your battery or your vehicle goes through batteries abnormally fast
  • You have an unusual flickering of dashboard lights going on and off, possibly indicating an overcharging alternator

Quality Alternator Repair

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and the necessary equipment to diagnose a bad alternator. We are able to measure the voltage being generated and detect either under- or overcharging. That includes the ability to diagnose temperature compensated alternators that are prevalent in many newer types of vehicles. The alternator is also made up of moving parts, such as bearing and a belt that attaches to the crankshaft. If these parts wear or breakdown. We pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and offer you a written report along with an estimate for your alternator repair.

Our technicians take the time to discuss what they find with you. We never pummel you with technical jargon. We help you understand the problem and wait for your approval before any work is done. All our costs are upfront, with no hidden fees or pressure. You will always get honest, straightforward suggestions from us. Our customer care promise to you means we will never make suggestions for parts or services you don’t need.

Bring us whatever type of vehicle you have. We work on any make or model of car, truck, or van you have, and of any age. We quickly get to the bottom of the issue and can repair your vehicle in no time. We keep a well-stocked store of parts so that we can get your alternator repair done without making you wait.

Contact us today for the alternator repair locals relies on for high-quality, affordable service.

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