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When you begin to hear a grinding noise or have trouble getting your manual vehicle into gear it is time to bring your car in for clutch repair. For the area’s most trusted clutch repair no one gets the job done like Ken Van Damme’s Automotive. There is a reason a majority of our clutch maintenance business comes from word-of-mouth auto repair referrals and repeat customers. People know they can trust us for stellar clutch repair.

Clutch Repair Specialists

It is important that a complete diagnosis of the clutch be done on a clutch system before clutch repair work begins. A complete clutch replacement is not always necessary. Different sections of the clutch system may be the problem. In that case individual part repairs or replacements maybe the better option, rather than replacing the entire clutch system. For example, the hydraulic system is a frequent culprit of clutch problems. A leaking master clutch cylinder or clutch slave cylinder can make it difficult to get the gears to engage. Replacing these cylinders is an easier fix as well as a less costly one.

We care about getting the clutch job done right as well as passing on savings to you. Our thorough diagnostic review allows us to know exactly what we are dealing with, so there are no unnecessary charges for your clutch labor or parts.

Clutch Repair You Can Trust

Our over 46 years of experience working on all things automotive has afforded us the stellar reputation we have today. In the nearly 20 years we have been at our current location we have made a name for ourselves, one customer at a time. Our clutch and engine repairs technicians are experienced and skilled in clutch repair.

We are an ASE certified, NAPA AutoCare Center, with a AAA approval. Our credentials and long list of happy customers makes us the name locals trust for clutch repair.

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Call today for a review of your clutch system. Let our premier clutch repair car mechanics get your vehicle’s clutch up and running smoothly today.

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Clutch Repair
It is important that a complete diagnosis be done on a clutch system before work begins. A complete clutch replacement is not always necessary.

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