Check Engine Light

The dreaded check engine light may not be the devastating diagnosis you imagine it could be. People often delay bringing their vehicle in for a diagnosis when they see a dashboard warning light come on. However, waiting may only make the problem worse. At Ken Van Damme’s Automotive we have the experienced technicians and high-tech diagnostic equipment to quickly get to the heart of the problem with your check engine light.

Depending on the age of your vehicle you may have a series of lights that indicate a variety of different problems, or you may have one light that comes on for any problem. No matter the age, make, or model of car you have, our check engine light diagnostics are able to read the indicated code. Our certified technicians understand these codes. We do a visual inspection to confirm the problem and then discuss that with you before doing any work.

A check engine light might be as simple as a faulty sensor. No matter what the issue, we offer a written report and an accurate estimate of the check engine light repair costs. A friendly and knowledgeable mechanic will take the time to answer any of your questions and make sure you understand the issue with your vehicle.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis Locals Trusts

No matter what the check engine light is indicating, you should bring the vehicle in for an inspection for as soon as possible. Small concerns may become larger, more costly repairs if you continue to drive the vehicle. Especially in newer model vehicles, the check engine light is sensitive enough to come on when something is only beginning to become a problem. It is meant as a warning to get the problem repaired before it becomes worse. Older cars may not indicate a problem until it is further along and may soon cause a breakdown. In either case, it is important to bring your vehicle in right away when you see your check engine light on.

Not only does getting a check engine light repair keep you safe, it also helps keep your car at its optimal functioning level. That often means better fuel efficiency and helps increase its longevity.

As a locally-owned business caring for cars for over 20 years we have the kind of expertise you can count on. As your neighbors, we share the same roads as you. We want you and everyone on the roads to be safe. That is why we treat every auto repair as if it were for our own grandmother. We are truly dedicated to good customer care and excellent auto service. If you need a check engine light diagnosis, you can count on getting excellent quality and affordable service when you bring it to us!

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