CV Joint Replacement

A CV joint connects your vehicle’s drive axles which then connect the transmission to its wheels. Its main function is to keep these parts connected and the torque consistent. It enables your vehicle to have range of motion while maintaining speed over different types of surfaces. If your CV joint has been worn down, as is inevitable over time, it needs to be replaced before it causes damage that will be more severe and costly. Ken Van Damme’s Automotive offers quality car repair and CV joint replacement by ASE certified technicians.

Often times, if a problem is caught early, the repair only involves properly lubricating the joint and replacing a cracked or worn out CV boot, which holds in the lubrication. If the damage is more extensive, it will involve a CV joint replacement. If left too long without a repair, the damage will get into the axle where it will require a repair or replacement. That is why bringing your vehicle in as soon as you suspect you may have a CV joint issue is so important.

What are the signs you need a CV joint replacement?

  • Grumbling and noisy vibrations, especially while turning
  • Humming or clicking sounds while turning
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Loss of speed and acceleration during turns
  • The vehicle feels like it is going over rough terrain when it is not
  • A loud crack followed by constant grinding probably means the CV joint has completely failed and you need to stop driving right away
  • It has been more than 30,000 miles since you have had a CV joint inspection

CV Joint Replacement

Like so many issues with cars, bringing it in for diagnosis and repair early is the key to keeping it in good condition and avoiding the spread of damage into larger, more expensive repair concerns. Our technicians can inspect the CV joint and determine if it has an issue and what that issue is. We bring a written report of our findings to you and will help you understand the information so you can make the final decision on your CV joint replacement or repair. We offer upfront estimates and will never pressure you or suggest repairs you do not need.

As a local business serving the local area since 1995, we stake our reputation on delivering excellent service as well as customer care. We pass on savings wherever possible to bring you the best service for an affordable price. Those are just some of the reasons people rave about us in online reviews.

We are a AAA approved, NAPA AutoCare Center with the latest diagnostic equipment and trained technicians experienced at handling any make or model vehicle, of any age. When you come to us for a CV joint replacement, you can trust that your vehicle will be handled efficiently and with the utmost care.

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