DEQ & DOT Shop

As a DOT certified facility who is also a DEQ Master certified shop, Ken Van Damme’s Automotive has your inspection and car repair covered. When your tags are getting close to expiring or you have already failed an emissions test we will get your vehicle ready to pass the emissions test. For vehicles requiring a city permit with a clean DOT bill of health we offer certified DOT safety inspection and repair.

Ken Van Damme’s is also an ASE certified facility, making us a great choice for all your vehicle’s safety and emissions requirements. We guarantee that your car or truck will satisfy the requirements for you to legally get back on the road with all the proper certifications in order.

DEQ Master Certified Shop

DEQ Diagnostics

Our DEQ promise starts with the most up-to-date diagnostic tools. We are able to pinpoint any and all problems keeping your car from passing the State emissions test. As a DEQ certified repair facility, Ken Van Damme’s Automotive has the equipment and trained professionals who understand DEQ standards. Once we know exactly where your vehicle is failing, we can move forward with the repair.

Before work begins, you will get a full breakdown of the issues and the cost estimates your vehicle needs. No work is done without your approval. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any of your questions and help you understand the problems keeping your car or truck from passing the emissions test.

DEQ Repair

In order to ensure your vehicle is not emitting pollution above the legal limit, every vehicle must pass a DEQ emissions inspection. At Ken Van Damme’s Automotive we understand everything about your vehicle’s emissions system and where it can go wrong. After careful diagnostics we have an accurate understanding of where your car needs DEQ repair. Our DEQ service team and well-stocked supplies are able to make those necessary repairs so you pass the next emission testguaranteed!

DOT Master Certified Technicians

All vehicles that require a city permit to operate must pass regular DOT safety inspections. As a DOT Master Certified shop, our expert mechanics go over each detail of the safety inspection, ensuring your vehicle remains able to carry a city permit. If there is any DOT requirements that need repair, our diagnostics and skilled DOT Certified technicians deliver a full write-up of the safety concerns and an estimate for fixing them.

When your Ken Van Damme’s Automotive DOT Master Certified Technician has completed all elements of the safety inspection and repairs, your vehicle will be ready for the necessary city permits again.

Contact Ken Van Damme’s Automotive to ensure you pass your next DEQ Emissions test and satisfy your DOT inspection!

Other Automotive Services include:

  • Transmission Flush & Repair
  • Exhaust Repair
  • Brake Repair

DEQ & DOT Shop