Tire Rotation

Having your tires properly inflated and in good shape effects everything from gas mileage to the longevity of your tread. That is why it is so important to get tire service on a regular basis. Tire rotation is a big part of that service. Ken Van Damme’s Automotive offers experienced, affordable car repair and tire rotation.

When you come to us for tire rotation, we do more than just swap out the position of your tires. We check out several points to ensure your tires are safe and in good running condition.

Our tire rotation includes:

  • Tread Check – You need to have a certain amount of tread on your tires for them to function well and be safe. We check to make sure you have a safe amount of tread to spare. If not, we will suggest you replace the tire(s).
  • Pressure Check – The right amount of air pressure ensures optimal contact with the road. It also helps the tires wear evenly and even improves gas mileage. We fill the right level of air pressure specific to your vehicle.
  • Visual Inspection – We do an inspection, looking for damage, weakened areas, abnormal wear patters, and any other anomaly.
  • Tire Rotation – We look at the pattern of wear and change out your tires according to what is best for optimal traction and performance. At times, that may mean changing the right for the left, and vice versa. Other times also changing out the back for the front is necessary.
  • Tightening Lug Nuts – Our experienced mechanics have the technology to tighten the torque on lug nuts to manufacturer’s specifications.

Why do I need tire rotation?

When you get regular tire rotation, your tires wear at a slower rate and you get more mileage out of them. Without it, your tires would wear down along the outside or the inside with more severity, leaving balding areas and rendering them dangerous to drive on. The rotating of your tires puts those worn areas where they will experience less weight, leaving the area with thicker tread on the side that sees more resistance. Front-wheel-drive vehicles tend to get more wear on the front tires, due to higher pressure and resistance from steering, and will likely need to have the front changed out with those on the back.

How often should I get my tires rotated?

A good rule of thumb for tire rotation should be every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. If you take your vehicle off-roading or over rough terrain, you may want to have at least a visual inspection done  more frequently when you get a tune up. Of course, any time you see a deep wear pattern or damaged area of a tire you should bring it in right away for tire repair.

In addition to tire rotation, we also have a well-stocked tire store and offer wheel alignment services. You can come to us for any of your tire and alignment needs.

Stop by and check out these other services we offer:
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  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Towing
  • Computer Diagnostics

Contact us today to schedule your tire rotation.