Trusted Timing Belt Replacement

Timing belt replacements are one of our car repair specialties at Ken Van Damme’s Automotive. A timing belt is responsible for linking the camshaft’s opening and closing of the engine valves with the crankshaft’s conversion of energy from the pistons to the rotation of the wheels. The timing belt harmonizes the timing of these functions. If the timing is off, the valves collide. Not having the belt replaced at regular intervals could result in the belt breaking which, in turn, results in severe engine damage. At Ken Van Damme’s Automotive we have the expertise to inspect and replace the timing belt before that damage occurs.

When Should a Timing Belt Be Replaced?

You should never wait for a timing belt to break. The length of time between timing belt replacements will depend on the vehicle’s mileage. The general rule of thumb is to replace the timing belt every four years or 60,000 miles. Some manufacturers may suggest longer or shorter periods of time.

When replacing a timing belt, it is often recommended to also replace the water pump, drive belt, front engine seals, and tensioners. Our knowledgeable mechanics review your vehicle’s specific needs and make suggestions that are right for your car. We always offer the best price possible and ensure that you are well informed and part of the decision-making process.

Symptoms of Timing Belt Problems

  • Check Engine lights on your dash come on
  • Slapping noises
  • Scraping noises

Trusted Service for your new timing belt

Our honesty, reputation for excellent communication, and fair, up-front costs are the reason so many people trust Ken Van Damme’s Automotive for all their vehicle’s needs. As a trusted name for 20 over years, we are the go-to place for your car.

All our work is guaranteed and we find parts with the best warranties for your peace of mind.

Our technicians have the experience to discern whether a timing belt change is necessary or not. We will never do more work than is necessary for your vehicle. We are always happy to answer any questions you have and allow you as much input as you would like to have in the process.

Contact us now for a thorough inspection of your timing belt.